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Sketch Group



If you’re on this page you’ve seen the poster around town about joining a sketch group.  If you are into drawing, sketching or painting and looking for a good excuse to get to get together with other artists and create you’re in the right place.

Let’s face it sometimes you just need that time to hang out with like minded people.

The purpose of this group is find the art all round us in Lombard. We’ll do this in a group setting by going out and sketching and painting on location and at places like “The Corner House” in a group.


  • Be inspired and learn from the other artists.
  • Share ideas about the craft.
  • We can work from photographs if weather isn’t cooperating. (Photographs should be taken by the artist)
  • Meets at least once a month.


  • Publicly post and share the works.
  • Create a yearly book created and edited by members of the group which we can sell online and in stores.
  • Individuals are encouraged to sell originals and prints of the works created during the year but not required.
  • Promote Lombard and it’s Artists.


If you like this idea and want to know more sign up below!


Ideas and Resources

Tools:  Here’s a list of tools I use your list can be completely different.

  • A pocket camera or cell phone camera.  It would be nice to be able to have the time to draw everything I see while I’m there.  I just can’t so I like to take a lot of pictures to work from when I not on location. (There’s many way you can use them.  Use the display on your phone, put them on a iPad or tablet, or just print them out.  Whatever you have or find easy to do is the BEST way to do things.)
  • Technical Pencils because they are always sharp.
  • Moleskine Sketch and Watercolor books. (I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to these books.  I love them but you have to draw on what you like drawing on.  As a Artist I know what it’s like to finally find something you like using.
  • UniBall black ink pens, .5 .7 and 1.0  I love using a 1.0 because I like the thick black smooth line it makes.
  • Various Brushs that I can fit in a tube for small compact storage.

This is my water color set Koi Water Color set. 18 colors.  It’s always in my car just in case.

My Water color kit open

Working on a Rooster

How fun would this be to sit around at “The Corner House” and work on art?

Resources: As our group develops I’ll post more links here.
I do plan on us having a flickr and or Tumbler page along with posting on our own website. I believe we should share and post or work.

Here’s my Tumblr Page.

Here’s my Art on Flickr!

Pinterest  Here’s my board of favorite sketches and paintings.  It’s all art I can learn from.


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