Lombardians talking about Lombard. What do you love about Lombard?

Artists! Join up.

What kind of artist are you, photographer, painter, musician, poet? If you would like to share some of your works related to Lombard, this is the time to do it. Photos, paintings, poems, what ever your talent or skill level, I hope you’ll want to display them here.

Are you a photographer or someone who just likes to take pictures? Join the Hello Lombard Flickr Group. Don’t know what Flickr is? Well I think it’s one of the best ways to share and show off your photos and it’s free! Click on Flickr and go for it!

Here is a quick tip for adding photos to the group. Let me know if you have trouble joining the group. I’ll add that to this page too.

After you join the Hello Lombard Flickr Group select the photo you wan to share with the group.

Check out the top icons just above the photo.

Select “Send to Group”

Click on Hello Lombard! You’re done! Come on that was easy. Start sharing!

Okay you can see how many other groups I belong to too. But if you like photography you might want to join them too. Check back soon I’ll have other options for the many different kinds of artists that I’m sure live in Lombard.


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