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They Got Wood…

Yeah that’s right they have plenty of wood to cook up your meal just right! I talked with Bill at Brix Pizza. If you haven’t gone there in a while you should go back. If you are a regular then you know what I’m talking about. It’s not your normal Pizza, normal being comfort, thick, meaty, cheesy. It’s much lighter than that and you don’t feel like you doing something wrong eating there.

My wife and I usually get our own pizzas and split a salad. Bill’s right, their sandwiches are great my favorite is the Smoked BBQ Chicken. Check out what else they have on the menu! You can see the 190North episode here, and you can read what Chicago Magazine said about Brix here.

Oh one more thing, I think Bill was so excited talking about pizza and Brix he wanted me to correct the dates. Instead of 1874 Bill says it’s 1785, when the first brick oven pizza was made. I guess that’s puts it closer to the 2 century mark but there’s no fact checking here other than the fact, Brix food is top notch and perfect for Lombard. I think the great smell of their bread goes to his head sometimes…

It will go to your head too…

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