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Spring will be here soon!

I know it doesn’t seem like it when it snows twice a week like it has been. But here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find In Lilacia Park when springs comes around again.

On the south side of Downtown Lombard is one of the nicest parks filled with lilacs, tulips and wild life. It’s well kept and you’ll never believe how many colors there are not just in the tulips but the lilacs too. You can read a little bit of the parks history here.

It’s easy to get lost in on the winding paths but you won’t have any trouble finding something to enjoy. If you have time you should stop by the park when it’s in full bloom. Don’t wait to long or you’ll miss the beauty of the park. Don’t forget in the summer the village holds concerts and other events so check back here if you are looking for something to do. Well, I guess you should give a couple months…

Luckily I was testing out some features on my camera this day last year. Didn’t really know what I would use it for but I’m glad I didn’t record over it. If your a resident of Lombard it’s a free stroll through the park. Non residents are asked to make a small donation but even then it’s worth it.