Lombardians talking about Lombard. What do you love about Lombard?


Kind of like the movie but without the wormhole! Drop me a line at SEANFX

Or better yet leave a comment on the site especially if you live in Lombard!

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  1. William J. Mueller said:

    GOOD AFTERNOON SEAN…..Read of your web site in the Lombard Spectator. What a great idea! I visited the site today and enjoyed your positive approach to our Village. Also, loved to read your LOVE of the Village. As Village President whose grandfather came from Germany in 1884 and settled in Lombard, my father was born in Lombard in 1907 and I was born here in 1935 I also love Lombard and am proud to serve as its Village President. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you in the near future. With Lombard Pride, Bill Mueller, Village President…..

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