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Esquire Barbershop

Well, here’s my first story about Lombard.

It’s about the guys at the Esquire Barbershop in downtown Lombard. Marcus, Pete, Jack and Joe, they’re all good guys and great barbers! The shop is located on the north side of St. Charles Rd. between Main St. and Park right across from Sweet Streets. You can’t miss them. I’ve been going to Esquire since I moved into Lombard. This place is the kind of place my Grandfather use to take me. Guys sitting around talking about, well about guy stuff and getting a real hair cut. They use straight razors for shaves and it’s always a clean cut and the conversation is always great.

Marcus the Owner of the shop talks about bring in CD’s, he’s not kidding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought in some music and said you guys have to hear this. It’s a great place to get your hair cut!

In case you’re wondering about the music that’s local to Lombard too! Big Dog Music Design is right here in Lombard. Check out their site they’ve got some great music.

If you have any good stories about Esquire feel free to share them here.

Hey, take this poll. If you go to Esquire you know what I’m talking about…