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Let’s paint the town red or purple…

The Corner House

Maybe we can get a group together and paint the town red, literally! We could meet at various places around town like The Corner House and sketch, doodle or paint the details that make this town great.

Carlson Art Supply

Old money

Working from some photos of my downtown. #sketches #watercolors

Other artists call these events Sketch Crawls.  There’s also an art movement going on called Urban Sketching.

We could even end up at Carlson’s and stock up on supplies.  We could make a book, postcards, cups or even t-shirts to help promote Lombard.  I wonder if any merchants would be up for hosting gallery screenings?

You in? Drop me a line!



Hey let’s make a Wrist Band!

The other day I was thinking, I wonder how much those “LIVESTRONG” wristbands costs. Turns out, not so much. I made 10 for about $1.40, if you make 500 they are .18 cents. So I made some for Hello Lombard. Look they even have a PURPLE our town color!

I got these at Wrist-Band.com I know who would have thunk it? I’m throwing this out there as an idea for supporting Downtown Lombard. Sell them to raise money or give them away to help show support.

I’ll buy the first 500!

Now what do you think the wrist-band should say?  Share your ideas here.

I have 8 more Hello Lombard wrist-bands if you want one just let me know I’ll be happy to send you one. Their rare only 10 of them have ever been made…

Hello Lombard!

Check back soon!  I’ll be sharing stories and images of the nice town I live.  Lombard Illinois.

My hopes are other residents will find this site and find out more about their downtown and the interesting people that live here.  I can’t wait to start meeting some of the people I’ve worked and lived next door to for the past 7 years.

I hope you’ll find their stories interesting and enjoyable.  Check back soon especially if you live here?  I hope you’ll share some of your stories too.

 Sean McMenemy