Lombardians talking about Lombard. What do you love about Lombard?

Calling all Bloggers

First thing if you want write for Hello Lombard you need to sign up and create a WordPress account. It’s free and if you want you can even start your own blog. But you do have to sign up and create an account to have access to Hello Lombard and to tell your story.

If you’re a blogger, photographers, artist, musician or anyone who thinks they have something to share about Lombard. Sign up here, fill out form below or drop us a line.

We can’t possible have all the ideas so if you see something missing or you can think of something that would be great for the site drop us a line or YOU can take charge of it. We’ll help you get going. Here are just a few ideas of the things you can do.  

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Write about your favorite Restaurant or just take a picture of the great desert you just had and post on the site.
  2. Show off some great thing you bought downtown.
  3. Write about events that are happening in your part of town. A block party, or maybe group bike ride. The sky’s the limit.
  4. Like taking pictures?  Post them here.  It could be a daily Sunrise or funny dog next door or some architectural detail you’ve always admired. You can use Flickr and make a slide show to share you’re photos with the rest of Lombard.
  5. Are you an artist draw a picture and share it here.
  6. Share ideas about your town and what you’d like to see happen here.

So here’s your chance to help be a voice in the Lombard community.  If you live in Lombard and you have something you want to, say it!  Well give you the keys to the website and you post as little or as much as you like. Remember it’s your town this can be one of those place where ideas are shared and can happen. This is really about the town and how we can help make it better. I believe with positive stories and great discussions about Lombard. We can create a place where people want to live, contribute and bring businesses to the places we want to shop.

Here are a few details about the different levels of contributions:

Writing: Writing is easy we’ll give you an sign in and you write as much or as little as you want. Even if you take pictures to go with your stories you can add them to you post. We just ask that the picture is one you took. It’s easy just like sending an email.

Photos: Take as many as you want and upload them to the site and post them but if you have a free account with Picasa, Flickr, SmugMug or Photobucket or any photo sharing site you can upload more photos and create slide shows that can be put right in your blog post.  We prefer Flickr, and if you use Flickr be sure to going our Flickr Group!  So your photos can appear on the in the widget on the side of the blog.

Video: You can even contribute video to the site.  We recommend you using YouTube. It gives you more control of how or when the video is posted.  There are other sites but YouTube is the most common and easiest to use.

Your Bio: Gravitar Not only is this a good place to share ideas about Lombard but it’s a good place to show of your talents. As an Author of the site you can add to your bio and promote your talents like photography or writing. If you have a website you can put that in too so people know how to find you. We recommend getting a Gravitar account so people can see your shinning mug and get know the person behind the posting.



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