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Let’s paint the town red or purple…

The Corner House

Maybe we can get a group together and paint the town red, literally! We could meet at various places around town like The Corner House and sketch, doodle or paint the details that make this town great.

Carlson Art Supply

Old money

Working from some photos of my downtown. #sketches #watercolors

Other artists call these events Sketch Crawls.  There’s also an art movement going on called Urban Sketching.

We could even end up at Carlson’s and stock up on supplies.  We could make a book, postcards, cups or even t-shirts to help promote Lombard.  I wonder if any merchants would be up for hosting gallery screenings?

You in? Drop me a line!



A walk around the park

One morning Holly and I took a short walk around Terrace View Park.  It’s a great 20 minute walk that both humans and dogs can enjoy.

Find out more about our parks here.

Wine Anyone?

If you have a question about wine all you need to do is ask Visal Kheam and he can give you a recommendation for any occasion.

20West has seen a lot of changes over the years and by far the best have been in the last two. When Visal came to Lombard to build a business he also wanted to give back to the community, and he does. With his expertise, not only as wine connoisseur but wanting to help causes that are important to his customers and his community.

If you haven’t been in the store in a while you owe it to yourself to see the changes he’s made. The improvements and atmosphere really lend themselves to exploring the vast selection of wines and beers he offers. If you’re not sure what you looking for just ask him or the employees, and they’ll point you in the right direction. Or just keep on the look out for his wine tasting events. There you’ll get the chance to try some wine and learn something about the bottle you’ll choose.

Click on 20West to find out more.

You can find 20 West at 20 W. St Charles, in Lombard, IL.

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They Got Wood…

Yeah that’s right they have plenty of wood to cook up your meal just right! I talked with Bill at Brix Pizza. If you haven’t gone there in a while you should go back. If you are a regular then you know what I’m talking about. It’s not your normal Pizza, normal being comfort, thick, meaty, cheesy. It’s much lighter than that and you don’t feel like you doing something wrong eating there.

My wife and I usually get our own pizzas and split a salad. Bill’s right, their sandwiches are great my favorite is the Smoked BBQ Chicken. Check out what else they have on the menu! You can see the 190North episode here, and you can read what Chicago Magazine said about Brix here.

Oh one more thing, I think Bill was so excited talking about pizza and Brix he wanted me to correct the dates. Instead of 1874 Bill says it’s 1785, when the first brick oven pizza was made. I guess that’s puts it closer to the 2 century mark but there’s no fact checking here other than the fact, Brix food is top notch and perfect for Lombard. I think the great smell of their bread goes to his head sometimes…

It will go to your head too…

Hey take the poll below and let everyone know about your favorite sandwich. If you got a great story about a pizza be sure and leave a comment.


Spring will be here soon!

I know it doesn’t seem like it when it snows twice a week like it has been. But here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find In Lilacia Park when springs comes around again.

On the south side of Downtown Lombard is one of the nicest parks filled with lilacs, tulips and wild life. It’s well kept and you’ll never believe how many colors there are not just in the tulips but the lilacs too. You can read a little bit of the parks history here.

It’s easy to get lost in on the winding paths but you won’t have any trouble finding something to enjoy. If you have time you should stop by the park when it’s in full bloom. Don’t wait to long or you’ll miss the beauty of the park. Don’t forget in the summer the village holds concerts and other events so check back here if you are looking for something to do. Well, I guess you should give a couple months…

Luckily I was testing out some features on my camera this day last year. Didn’t really know what I would use it for but I’m glad I didn’t record over it. If your a resident of Lombard it’s a free stroll through the park. Non residents are asked to make a small donation but even then it’s worth it.

Esquire Barbershop

Well, here’s my first story about Lombard.

It’s about the guys at the Esquire Barbershop in downtown Lombard. Marcus, Pete, Jack and Joe, they’re all good guys and great barbers! The shop is located on the north side of St. Charles Rd. between Main St. and Park right across from Sweet Streets. You can’t miss them. I’ve been going to Esquire since I moved into Lombard. This place is the kind of place my Grandfather use to take me. Guys sitting around talking about, well about guy stuff and getting a real hair cut. They use straight razors for shaves and it’s always a clean cut and the conversation is always great.

Marcus the Owner of the shop talks about bring in CD’s, he’s not kidding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought in some music and said you guys have to hear this. It’s a great place to get your hair cut!

In case you’re wondering about the music that’s local to Lombard too! Big Dog Music Design is right here in Lombard. Check out their site they’ve got some great music.

If you have any good stories about Esquire feel free to share them here.

Hey, take this poll. If you go to Esquire you know what I’m talking about…