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Meet you on the Corner

The Corner House that is…

A new coffee shop opened up in town and I LOVE it and I don’t even drink coffee!

But I’ve grown fond of having a gathering place to meet others and hang out talking about the cool things that nerds talk about or just taking a few minutes and prepare for the the day.  The Corner House in Lombard is the perfect place to do just that.

I’ve heard plenty of people ordering crazy coffee drinks so I’m sure they can make just about anything.  Even if you’re not a coffee drinker they have a lot to choose from.  Like teas and smoothies which are pretty smooth.  Their White Hot Chocolate, perfect!

Lombard has long needed a place like this, they’ve come and gone and I hope The Corner House  is here to stay.  They picked a great location, just a few steps away from train at the corner of St. Charles and Park in downtown Lombard.   The Corner House has a Great atomosphere for hanging out enjoying a good drink or pastry.

The staff is fun and nice and they’re doing a great job of getting to know their new customers.

“The Show”

If they ask you to warm up the cookie do it! Warm cookies are always the best. When ordering tea ask for “The Show” it really forces you to sit back and enjoy your surroundings.  It comes with a little timer and a pot to watch the tea steep to perfection.  Plus they have a lot of different brews to choose from, I’m kind of stuck on the White Monkey now.  Maybe it’s just the name…

The White Monkey

“The Atmosphere”

Mornings are quite there so be sure and stop in before you head into the office or just start your day.  This is a nice little gem that picked Lombard and the crew is very local.  There are interesting photos on the wall to check out which I hope turns into a rotating venue showcasing local artists (hint).  As the week ends they even bring in live entertainment.

Whatever your reason is to get a cup of coffee or your favorite drink you’ll like the effort they put into the decor the accommodations.   They’ve done a great job with the surroundings which adds to the much needed cozy place in Lombard.

If you’re ever in there on a Monday morning and you see me typing away at my computer just say hi. I might even buy you a drink.

Welcome to Lombard, Corner House!

Snapshots from Lilacia Park

In April I walked through Lilacia Park and grabbed some pictures. If you’d like to share your favorite photos of Lombard join the Hello Lombard Flickr Group. Just go here and start sharing!

Lilacia Park White Tulips
This one is a panoramic if you want to download the high resolution version just click here.

Spring 2012 Lombard, IL

Spring 2012 Lombard, IL

Spring 2012 Lombard, IL

Spring 2012 Lombard, IL

Spring 2012 Lombard, IL

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A walk around the park

One morning Holly and I took a short walk around Terrace View Park.  It’s a great 20 minute walk that both humans and dogs can enjoy.

Find out more about our parks here.

It’s Almost Spring Again

In February the local Dairy Queen opens back up again in Lombard, IL. Now I know it should stay open all year round because most Lombardians would stand out there in 2 feet of snow to get their ice cream fix.

But they don’t. Come the middle November it’s all over and we have to wait.

Dairy Queen Open again

But the wait is over and I can make my way  down here on Sunday nights and get my wife’s usual and my Blizzard even in the middle of a blizzard.  The line wasn’t long tonight but give it a few more weeks.  It always takes a little bit of time for everyone to remember.


Wine Anyone?

If you have a question about wine all you need to do is ask Visal Kheam and he can give you a recommendation for any occasion.

20West has seen a lot of changes over the years and by far the best have been in the last two. When Visal came to Lombard to build a business he also wanted to give back to the community, and he does. With his expertise, not only as wine connoisseur but wanting to help causes that are important to his customers and his community.

If you haven’t been in the store in a while you owe it to yourself to see the changes he’s made. The improvements and atmosphere really lend themselves to exploring the vast selection of wines and beers he offers. If you’re not sure what you looking for just ask him or the employees, and they’ll point you in the right direction. Or just keep on the look out for his wine tasting events. There you’ll get the chance to try some wine and learn something about the bottle you’ll choose.

Click on 20West to find out more.

You can find 20 West at 20 W. St Charles, in Lombard, IL.

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Esquire Barbershop

Well, here’s my first story about Lombard.

It’s about the guys at the Esquire Barbershop in downtown Lombard. Marcus, Pete, Jack and Joe, they’re all good guys and great barbers! The shop is located on the north side of St. Charles Rd. between Main St. and Park right across from Sweet Streets. You can’t miss them. I’ve been going to Esquire since I moved into Lombard. This place is the kind of place my Grandfather use to take me. Guys sitting around talking about, well about guy stuff and getting a real hair cut. They use straight razors for shaves and it’s always a clean cut and the conversation is always great.

Marcus the Owner of the shop talks about bring in CD’s, he’s not kidding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought in some music and said you guys have to hear this. It’s a great place to get your hair cut!

In case you’re wondering about the music that’s local to Lombard too! Big Dog Music Design is right here in Lombard. Check out their site they’ve got some great music.

If you have any good stories about Esquire feel free to share them here.

Hey, take this poll. If you go to Esquire you know what I’m talking about…