Lombardians talking about Lombard. What do you love about Lombard?

Lilac Time Art Fair


It’s Lilac Time again!  Sunday was our Local Art Fair.  There’s always a “fair” amout of art, food and fun.

Don’t forget Cruise Nights will be starting up soon! 

You can see a few more images from the event here.  If you took photos there or any where in Lombard feel free to join the Hello Lombard Flicker Group and share your visions of Lombard.  It’ free what are you waiting for?

Do you use Google Earth?  Did you know you can put images of our town right place them right where you took them.  Then anyone looking at Google Earth can view our town and know where the photo was taken.  I’ve got one up there and there plenty of other Lombardians have some up there too.

You can sign up here to put images on Google Earth.  It would be pretty cool if people would see nothing put images of Lombard when they looked at our town on Google Earth!

Let’s fill it up!


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